The Best Experience Of Using Hashtags Searcher

Many businesses migrate to Instagram, cause it evaluated into an independent marketplace rather than a simple content-sharing platform. Hashtags are the robust promotion tool that influencers, shops, and simple users put, aiming to reach people who don’t follow them. And it works! I’ll teach how to investigate hashtags like a pro – using an automated Hashtags generator. The service is free and stands over analogs I’ve tried before. Let’s explore the details! 

Advantages of Toolzu Hashtags finder 

Apart from being free and user-friendly, this service is marked with outstanding features. 

5 keys per one search. You can do research by mentioning even 5 expressions in a row, separated via comma. And the finder estimates every word when searching for a hashtag so that you get the most precise and target results. 

  • Multi-language database. You can mention keys using several languages and get local hashtags trends. This feature makes the combination you make truly diverse and location-tied. 
  • Renewing hashtags lists. The library of Toolzu hashtags includes over 12 mln hashtags, and they always add new. Importantly, restricted hashtags are deleted and never suggested for you. So, you are not endangering to get into the shadowban. 
  • Handy classifications. Toolzu divides the search results or hashtags according to the competitiveness. This means you see the High, Medium, and Low, competitive hashtags you only need to select in a special proportion. I’ll explain this further. 
  • In-depth analytics. You can open every hashtag from the database and evaluate how popular and competitive it is. The data is visualized and explained, so you can make a wise decision. Time in the feed, likes number per post, and top posts are displayed. 

Let me show you how to take advantage of the Generator functions. 

How to use Hashtags research? 

Very simple and instant. Let me describe the process step-by-step:

  • Registering. Organize your Toolzu account just in several clicks and open the Hashtags searcher. 
  • Research keys. Collect as many specified to your niche keywords as you can. They can be tied to your country, brand, area, target audience interests. Mark them in a document.
hashtag generator
  • Enter up to 5 keys in the search bar. You can type in different languages and use various alphabets to get your posts viewed globally. Push the “Generate” button and wait several seconds. 
  • Copy the hashtags in the correct proportion. Use the wise formula tested and proven by many tryings:

High competitive (1-3) + Medium (10) + Low (over 15) = Possible 30 hashtags

  • Paste and compare the stats in analytics. You can track how many people viewed the image you upload through hashtags. You need a business account for that. 
  • Switch and track. Change the arrangments of hashtags and always add something new to your set. Never copy the same combos. You’ll notice how various the effect will be. 

My final word

To arrange a successful hashtag strategy, you should experiment with new schemes and monitor the results. You can test 2-3 combos under one post to compare the traffic boost. Toolzu Hashtags Generator is a worthy tool speeding up the research and making the reach target. Try to boost your authentic followers! 

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