Basic SEO Tips In 2020! Step-By-Step Guide!

Is SEO something unknown and frightening for you? Get acquainted with SEO tips in 2020 for all and do the best right now!

Well, you are the site owner. For sure, you have created the site under all the rules of design, filled it with relevant information about you and your activities, etc.

However, the indicators of traffic are low. What is the problem? Why are visitors in no hurry to visit your site and continue working with you? Probably, you’ve forgotten the main thing – any site needs to be promoted!

The truth is that sooner or later, the owner of any website has a need for advertising and attracting visitors. If you are interested in this, you need to perform SEO optimization. SEO is the most reliable and effective way to attract new visitors to your site. It does not work immediately, but it provides high traffic indicators for a long time.

Do you want to achieve the maximum using SEO promotion? Read SEO tips in 2020 and make every effort!

What is SEO?

SEO is a combination of strategies that aim to increase the visibility of a website and improve its positioning in search engines. Using SEO, you work on content with keywords, structure, and links to the site. Thus, you attract a large amount of organic (unpaid) traffic.

Today, search engines are the main source of Internet traffic. There are many search engines. They are different in the field of functionalities and tech algorithms.

Google is the most famous search engines and many people use it everyday for searching the information. It helps them to find the necessary files in the shortest time.

Also, search engines provide the boosting of targeted traffic. As usual, users paste into the search line some description words and wait for the relevant results. Such words are keys – they are crucial. If you don’t choose the right keywords – your website is ignored by the search engines.

Why do you need to use SEO tips?

After launching your site, search engines scan it to find out what kind of site it is. When a user searches for something related to your site, search engines will display your site in search results. Search engines are a brilliant mechanism, and it is constantly being improved to scan sites more effectively.

SEO optimization helps search engines learn more about a website. The right SEO optimization will attract thousands of users, and the wrong one will lead to almost zero traffic.

Thus, SEO tips are necessary to improve the site’s visibility!

How SEO works?

Any work on SEO optimization should include a comprehensive analysis of the site and constant work with the content, usability, correct display of the site. Also, it should include attracting of the natural links to the site.

We can divide SEO optimization into internal and external.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization is about improving a site and directly influencing its position in the search engine. It includes:

  • adding the keywords;
  • correcting of the tech errors;
  • optimization of the images;
  • adding internal links;
  • improving the site usability;
  • improving the pages relevance.

You need to perform such type of optimization because it plays a crucial role in the field of success of your site.

External optimization

External optimization assumes adding of additional links to the website. It can be links of other Internet resources of your. But you need to be careful, as now most search engines fight against such links because the best results are given by links of the most trusted donor sites. So the selection process of such donor sites becomes more difficult.

When performing external optimization, you need to generate a list of donor sites, develop the link texts and the near-link environment, and start the placement process:

  • publishing updated information;
  • exchange the links with other resources;
  • writing the press-releases;
  • registration in search engines;
  • adding comments in forums and blogs;
  • competitive analysis.

SEO optimization tips

SEO experts distinguish white, grey and black methods of optimization. These methods are divided depending on the using prohibited methods of optimization or not. However, using any of the methods means that the person will implement some techniques that will affect on the working process of the search robots.

White optimization allows using available methods for affecting the search algorithms.

Gray optimization involves methods that are not officially prohibited, but some search engines consider them as illegal and ban the site.

Black involves using of the prohibited and illegal methods.  When using such methods, the risk of getting banned by search engines is very high.

Anyway, SEO includes some techniques that help to affect on the operation system of the search engines. But using the white methods, you don’t break the rules. You follow all the recommendations of the search engines and can create and update good website.

Basic SEO tips to follow!

SEO experts

Now, let’s consider 8 SEO tips on using which you can raise your website in the overall Internet ranking.

  1. Write long articles

Long content is a more powerful tool. It can include more relevant information with keywords. Each of your articles must be at least 1000 words and not more than 2000 words.

Besides, long articles help to increase the dwell time. This term is used for describing the average time that the user spends on your site before returning to the search page again. Based on this data, Google can analyze whether users like your content or not.

2. Update your content

You need to create actual and up-to-date content. However, it is difficult to constantly generate up-to-date information. Therefore, update the info that you have published on your site.

Add actual information and new keywords so that users can quickly find your site and the necessary data.

3. Use keywords

Using keywords is a must when working with SEO optimization. Keywords should reflect the main written information.

As for the optimal number of keywords, there is no clear rule. However, do not overexert your article with keywords that will interfere with reading the article and make users angry.

4. Work on title, meta and headings

Title is a key indicator that attracts users to read your article.

SEO title tips:

  • It should include keywords;
  • It should be unique;
  • It shouldn’t exceed the 60 characters.

Meta is a small text that appears at the beginning of the search query after the title. It should consist of no more than 160 characters that will interest visitors.

Heading and subheading are h1, h2, h3 tags. These are the sections that the visitor sees on the search query page.

H1 must include the main keyword, because it reflects the header. H2 and H3 must also include keywords. However, these may not be the main keywords, but related ones that you have selected in advance.

5. Optimize your URL address

Google wants to see your address as clear and readable for all users as possible. So you need to write logical URL address. Avoid long text and unnecessary numbers. Use short but relevant text. It can include a small summary of the site information.

6. Add backlinks

A backlink is a link to another site in an article or on a site. Backlinks affect the ranking of your site. Therefore, add links to relevant sources related to the topic of your article or site.

If your site includes backlinks, Google recognizes this as high-quality content that can be useful to people and gives your site faster.

7. Optimize your images

Users like images because they add bright colors. However, search engines have some problems with images, as very often users insert an incorrect link. Alt text works within HTML code, so it describes the image well.

When writing alt texts, you need to consider not only the relevance of the text, but also avoid including keywords.

8. Measure results

To analyze the success of SEO optimization, use Google Analytics. It is a convenient tool that efficiently analyzes and saves your data. It fully analyzes the user’s overall period spent on your site.

Best SEO tips: Final word

SEO includes several important internal and external stages. All the stages are essential to attract the target audience and they are worked together for reliable and stable result.

For effective promotional progress, you need to perform the written actions and plan your future work on SEO optimization.

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