Twitch Stats: Online Gaming Of 2019

Many people think that video games are such an intimate way of spending time alone, well, or for two. But those who want to watch the game is sometimes more than the players themselves.

Today, there are many more such games, and professional eSports is going through a period of its rise. Sites with live streaming type launched in 2007, allowed to make a daily thing daily broadcast of popular players.

There are other ways to draw attention to the games. Giant leaps in technology, as well as the growth in the number of people online — along with sites like YouTube, which appeared in 2005 — have led to the fact that some players collect hundreds of thousands and even millions of viewers just playing at home in the game. in June 2011, presenting a Pro-game streaming service — Twitch TV, where you can not only watch but also play games, as well as here you can also see Twitch stats of the subscribers and views. 

What we want to say is that streamer could be anyone. Here’s a guide on what it takes.

What do you need for streams?

  • Good computer

The minimum system requirements that Twitch recommends are: Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its equivalent from AMD), 8 GB of RAM, Windows 7 or newer. The faster your Internet, the better-the download speed should be at least 3 Mbit / sec.

  • One computer or two?

Despite Twitch’s fairly low requirements, when you stream and play graphics-demanding games at the same time, your computer’s system can experience heavy loads. Therefore, some popular streamers use two computers — one they play, and the second stream.

If this sounds too complicated for you, you can use Nvidia’s solution. The new RTX series cards have a built-in encoder that offloads the CPU.

  • An account on Twitch

Registration is free. It is advisable to download an individual profile icon, hang a colorful banner and come up with a description of the channel so that your viewers can learn something about you. 

  • Program for streaming

The most important streamer tool. You can use Open Broadcasting Software or XSplit.

Twitch stats

It is quite simple to configure them. You need to select the source of the video stream (what you will be broadcasting-the image from the monitor, webcam, etc.), configure the design (what your viewer will eventually see), and connect to Twitch. Also, on the site, you can see twitch stats of your profile. 

Tips for successful streamers

Twitch is the birthplace of real celebrities who stream for a living. To succeed is not enough just to play popular games and beautifully customize your channel. The best streamers are those whose broadcasts are really interesting to watch. Someone knows how to make incredible headshots in Call of Duty, someone passes the game on speed. And they’re all just nice people.

  • Find your niche

How to stand out among two million streamers on Twitch? Burke Black helped the pirate hat and a lot of patience. After two years of stable streams, he received an affiliate program from Twitch and more than 23 thousand people watch it.

Open any record of his streams and you will see that he is always in pirate garb. At the same time, the streamer behaves very naturally, constantly communicates with the audience and plays a variety of games.

But to pay attention to you do not necessarily become a pirate. Perhaps you have exceptional skills in some game or you have a cute dog that can be shown in the frame while you play. Find your uniqueness.

  • Be constant

Consistency is very important-remember how people turn on the TV in the evenings to watch your favorite show. Similarly, your viewers need to know exactly when you will be online. Stick to the schedule — it should be in a prominent place in your profile and social networks.

  • Communicate with the audience

Streams on Twitch differ from other types of entertainment in that they play a huge role audience. All broadcasts have a chat room where streamers can communicate with viewers. The stronger your audience will seem that they sit and play with you, the higher the chances that you will get a loyal audience.

Twitch Stats: How to do?

Now let’s imagine that you followed all our guidelines and rules and became a cool streamer on Twitch. 

Every professional streamer is always interested in the development of their channel and tries to get any insider information to understand how to make the content of the stream more interesting, and in what direction to move on. 

There is nothing better than to analyze the twitch stats of your channel or the channels of your colleagues/competitors. Twitch viewer stats will help you to compare your channel with the channels of other, for example, more successful streamers, and make a lot of interesting conclusions: what time and days of the week are better to stream, which of the games that you stream, were more viewed, etc. Of course, you can conclude on your guesses, subjective arguments, but knowledge of actual real statistics is always the right way to success.

Twitch viewer stats

The twitch statistics panel is also pretty good, but it shows a limited list of data, for example, the average number of viewers, the growth of followers, the duration of the stream. But if you want to delve into analytics and learn more about their broadcasts, refer to the twitch viewer statistics service TwitchTracker. 

To monitor twitch stats using Twitch Tracker allows you to find any channel and get a lot of interesting data about it: the maximum and an average number of viewers, followers, and schedule views, twitch stream stats in the context of hours and months, and more.

Final word

As a conclusion, we would like to refer to some statistics for 2019, because 2019 could be the year Twitch sees a new batch of top stars because the top 100 streamers have noticed a drop in viewership, while others have received significant growth:

  • For the first time in history, channels outside the “Top 100” actually beat the leaders in a few hours, especially streamers located in the 101-1000 range;
  • Streamers in the 101-1000 group scored 128.9 million hours from the beginning to the end of 2018;
  • Top presenters from 1001 and below, saw growth on their channels by 43%.

This indicates that the usual formats of streams from famous presenters bored the viewer, and he is in search of new idols. Maybe, it will be you?

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