Instagram Business Profile: What Is the Specifics?

It seems that every second person now runs a business Instagram account. You even don’t have to be a real business person to do that. Why do both average users and famous brand tend to create Instagram business profiles? What possibilities does it offer for its owners? This article will answer all the questions, so read carefully.

What is Instagram business profile?

A business account (now it is called Professional Account) is a company account on Instagram that is linked to the same company’s Facebook page and has additional features and advanced features in comparison to a personal profile. It helps to make the process of promotion and analytics more convenient and productive.

What are the peculiarities? 

Professional acc offers several advantages over the average one. Take a look at some of them!

  1. The profile category
  2. Professional acc allows you to specify the niche you belong to. Besides standard Blog and Brand which you can come across quite often, there you can point out a more narrow area of focus. 

    Instagram offers two major types – Creator and Business. If you run a serious business, you are a retailer or a provider of stunning services, your choice is Instagram Business Profile.

    Creator type is suitable for any public figures, for those who create marvelous content, who calls themselves artists and so on. 

    Whatever you choose, this little mark under your name will help your target audience to understand who you are.

  3. Contact buttons
  4. With a professional account, it’s easier for users to contact you. You can add the buttons Message, Call, Email. And as practice shows, this greatly simplifies the communication process.

    For example, when you click on the Call button, the phone number automatically appears on the mobile’s dialing screen, that is, you don’t need to copy it to the phone’s memory, open the desired section, paste it — everything is done with one click. The same is with the Email.

    As for the Message button, it will send you to your personal chat in Direct. That’s the fastest way to send a DM to the right people. 

    instagram business profile
  5. Statistics
  6. You have access to the posts statistics. Thus, you can track the users’ response and reaction to this or that content and analyze the efficiency of ad campaigns and contests.

    You receive both general account statistics and the statistics for separate posts and Stories. And don’t even know for whom it is more beneficial – for brands or influencers.

  7. Promotion
  8. The nicest button Promote is located under each post of any professional account. 

    It allows you to show your publications to a given audience, advertise your Instagram business profile or drive traffic from Instagram to any external resource.

  9. Shopping tags
  10. These tags have appeared on Instagram relatively recently. For now, this function is available only for professional accs.

    They allow your visitors to see the cards of your products, read the description to them, see the price, and to go to the right section on the website. Such function affects the sales level positively. 

  11. Location

If you sell products not only online, but also have offline salespoint, the questions like “where is the store located?” are probably too frequent for you.

Business accounts allow you to post exact addresses and opening hours with access to view addresses on a map. Isn’t that convenient?

How to create a business Instagram profile?

Now, you probably want to try all these perks. But first, you need to understand how to switch your account to a professional one. If so, then you will find the detailed instruction for connecting and setting up a business account on Instagram below. 

Instagram profile

Step 1. Create a business page on Facebook (for business profiles)

Before you start creating a business account on Instagram, you need to set up a business page on Facebook.

To do this, log in to your personal Facebook page (if you do not have one, then registration is required). In the upper right corner, click on the triangle, select Create Page.

Select the appropriate section: company or public person. Click Start.

Fill in the required fields. Click Continue. Remember that the text from the column Category will be displayed in your profile.

Add a profile photo and a cover photo so users can find your page faster.

Thus, the page is created. Now you can create a business account on Instagram.

Step 2. Switching to a business account

How to switch to a business profile on Instagram from the phone? Also simple. Go to the Instagram application. Go to Settings. Click Account. Then select Switch to Professional Account.

Select a profile type: Creator or Business, look through the info IG offers, and then click “Next.” Choose the category: Actor, blogger, dancer, gamer, etc., tap Next.

For Creators – add your Contact info: number or email address. Tap Done.

For Businesses – link your Facebook page. To do this, click Choose Page. Allow the app to access your Facebook account. Click Finish.

What are the Instagram business profile cons?

Despite all the benefits that professional profiles offer, there are some disadvantages of it.

Problems with the Facebook connection. The most common problem when connecting a business account is a malfunctioning link between one page and another. There are different errors: Instagram does not see the desired page on Facebook, cross-posting does not work at all or sends posts to pages of other brands. Fortunately, such errors occur not often.

The lack of a closed profile option. Do not forget to make the profile public before connecting a business account. Closed pages cannot be switched to, so if you want your page to be private, you won’t be able to take advantage of your Instagram business profile.

closed profile option

Decreased account reach. A favorite topic for discussion among bloggers in recent months is the deliberate reduction in coverage by the social network itself (or the so-called shadowban, an analog American).

Now you know what a professional account is, what advantages it offers, and how to create one. Though you receive a lot of benefits, the main key to success is hard work and amazing content. That’s why I wish you good luck. 

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