Killing ordinariness: how to make a creative resume?

How to write a creative resume that accurately draws the employer’s attention and stands out from the crowd? Scroll the article through and find some useful tips. 

How many resumes does one recruiter view per day? It is clear as day even without counting: many, many resumes. To stand out from the black-and-white mass of emails drawn up by a template, job seekers engage the imagination. But one boosts his career in this way, while others become heroes of jokes. What’s the secret?

The secret is that it is necessary to skillfully draw up and execute creative resumes, and rarely keep an unrestrained flight of fancy. Otherwise, you may be misunderstood.

Why make your resume creative?

On average, it takes 20-35 seconds to view a resume. Do a little test: ask your friend to read your resume and tell you what he learned about you for 20 seconds. It is good if he lists something from your professional skills and experience. It is bad if he pays attention to the design. Recruiters say with one voice: won’t get involved in the design of a resume, if you have nothing to say essentially. They constitute the final opinion about the candidate based on the interview results. Companies, in general, condone the representatives of creative professions – designers, copywriters, artists. If a non-standard resume is sent by a sales manager, this is troubling. 

There are many drawbacks to a creative approach:

  • Not all employers can understand your flash of genius.
  • It takes time to promote and search for ideas.
  • Time is running out (and, possibly, money) for promotion.
  • It comes with a lot of pressure. Whether employers will find you cool and unconventional, or, on the contrary, they will take you for dummy, remains to be seen. 
  • If you are not confident and afraid of active attention and criticism, it is better not to start.
  • It is not suitable for all specialties.

There are many benefits to this approach:

  • The main advantage is the elimination of companies that are not suitable for you. If people didn’t like your manner of presentation, humor, pictures, you will hardly work with them. Thus, the dull companies are eliminated and save your time before the interview. Therefore, when you write a creative resume, I recommend being yourself and not be afraid to stick up a meme or a couple of ridiculous photos. If you don’t be understood, it means they are not suitable for you.
resume creative
  • If you are out of practice and you need to stand out from the crowd of the same “specialists”, a creative resume will a great option.
  • A well-formatted resume with attention-grabbing details increases your chance to lit up in a professional environment. In which case, the proposals will go by a steady stream and you will have the opportunity to choose. You got to admit, it is the most pleasant variant.
  • Employers always give preference to brighter personalities. Everyone wants to work with interesting and fun people, and not with bores. 
  • The interview is going in a comfortable atmosphere. They recognize you, smile, ask how you are progressing, which companies have already responded. The introductory part always begins with questions about your resume, and this allows you to ease the initial tension.
  • It’s damn fun! Besides, this is one of the few things that you can do completely as you see fit 🙂

How to make a creative resume?

It’s hard to give any good advice when it comes to creativity. The main thing that you can do is to observe as many examples as possible and get a gigantic portion of inspiration.

Search for non-standard platforms: social network page, video, twitter, banner, song, food, resume in JavaScript code, etc. By the way, I have met a chance the resume was made as a dating profile on Tinder.

The humor is an important part of your resume. The resume should be fun and interesting. It is ideal when humor relates to your profession. But don’t overdo it, humor can take no more than 10-20% of all information.

Tell something about yourself, tell about how you got into this specialty or what you have done anything extraordinary. You have probably participated in a conference or fought for women’s rights. 

To go a resume viral, don’t forget to make it a bit provocative. For example, you can write that I quit your previous job and flew off to rest in India for a month because you wanted to extend the frontier of perception. It increases the chances of finding a cool company. 

Listen to yourself. Keep in your head the image of a person for whom you are creating a resume. Imagine his thoughts. Just imagine that you are a little telepath 🙂 The reader should have a clear feeling that your goal is not “to get a job”, but “to work in his company, work together with him”. A job is not the final goal, but only the beginning of the whole action.

How to promote a creative resume?

A creative resume lives for 2-3 days, so all your promotion resources should go pop in one gulp. If people see that the same resume is knock about from site to site for 3 weeks, it seems that no one needs a person. Therefore, it is evil. Your goal is a bright flash and hope for a viral effect.

Expert comment

Make a list of people who could evaluate your resume. There is no need to ask “write about me”, ask for evaluating a non-standard approach. These should be visible people in your field, it’s good if you’re familiar with them. Write to 1-2 people from the list, and if they like your resume, ask them to Share or Tweet. If they don’t like it, you need to remake it or forget about such nonsense and go on to play World of Tanks. 

Emphasis on the quality

Take quality, not quantity. Social networks don’t like spam, so try to write to each person individually.

A helping friends’ hand

If you have friends (this is already good) and among them, there are owners or authors of some thematic resources, ask them to write about your resume.

Social media space

On your social media pages publish the news that you are looking for work, add a reference to your resume and ask all your friends to like.

Direct communication

Write to the leading companies in your professional niche. If any of the prominent brands/people/sites have already written about you, you won’t hesitate to point this out.

Contextual advertising

If you have a little money, order contextual advertising in search engines by the names of the directors or the names of the organization you want to get into.

Everyone is crazy in their own way

I have prepared several creative resume examples of attempts to draw a recruiter’s attention from one agency’s practice.

resume ideas

One job seeker sent his resume in parts – more precisely, one detail of the puzzle. Another applicant sent a package of eggs (eggs, fortunately, were not real – dummies) to show what she gives out (and I want to say – she blows it) on a fresh idea every day. A desperate fantasist sent a baseball glove with a note “I can work in a team.” One more creative person posted his CV with the title “An experienced copywriter gets to know a wealthy brand. It costs $300 an hour, $700 a night. Apartments, exit”.

Final words

Think about your resume in a next manner: It’s an ad, and you are the product. Your purpose is to receive an invitation to an interview.

Furthermore, you need to observe it as your business instrument. Without it, you are weak. 

Much like the street lights on Venice Beach, recruiters are attracted to well-made resumes with eye-catching elements. To break out from the pack, it’s great that yours rapidly shows your capability, or else it might get thrown into the “no” heap.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy some creative resume ideas! Good luck!

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