What Social Media Can Offer You?

Nowadays using social media development or any kind of promotion is not just a modern trend, it is a really powerful working tool that over the past several years has moved from the group of “highly recommended” to “must have”.

But what is so special about SMM?

The main thing to be grateful to social media for is the fact that they help us to establish and maintain direct contacts with our target customers which is extremely valuable.

The second point is the cost of social marketing. If you compare your potential expenses on this tool with TV or radio channels and even with some offline activities, you will see that the first variant is the less expensive one.

The third reason to use social networks is an opportunity to reach millions of users simultaneously without any specific efforts.

And the last (but not the least) peculiarity that I’d like to highlight is a time period needed to receive feedback from your audience. You can get it practically instantly, all the results can be processed automatically and your task in this very case will be just to analyze them correctly and make the right conclusions.


Some people call social marketing  “a tool for the laziest ones”. But it is not really true. To make your campaign work, you need to work yourself in order to find the most sophisticated ways to impress your audience and, what is even more important, make people believe you.

What should you do?

Okay, you have created accounts of your business on all social media platforms that you know, what else?

To tell the truth, the number of your accounts is not the best criterion to evaluate your online activity. Quite often it is much more reasonable to start with just a couple of platforms that are the most popular ones among your audience. As a rule, the majority of companies start with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but it doesn’t mean that you should do just the same. It’s up to you to take a decision.

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But there are some universal tips that can be very useful regardless of the platform or platforms that you have chosen to start with.

  1. Tell your audience about your company. Fill out your profile; you can also add the links to your websites, catalogs or other social networks that you use.
  2. Create your own branded hashtags. They will help people to find your posts easier. Moreover, you can use not only standard hashtags but also add some special ones for your contests or special campaigns.
  3. Don’t forget to leave the links (or special icons) to your social media accounts on your website.  When people are searching for your company, they will be directed to your website but social media is a much more convenient platform for them to interact with you.
  4. Add the links to your social media accounts to your newsletters and email signatures. What for? The reason is just the same as I have mentioned above. People should have an option where to communicate with your brand and it’s highly possible that they will prefer to continue their interaction with your via social media even if they have previously left their request on your official website.
  5. Prepare special offers for your followers. It’s a well-known trick but a very effective one. You can offer a discount for those who share your post, leave comments or just join your community. There is a great variety of variants but all of them will help you to invite new followers to your accounts.
  6. Organize different discounts and giveaways. It is quite obvious that people like getting things for free and you can offer them such an opportunity. But you shouldn’t think that it is not feasible for you. As in the previous case, such activities are intended to attract the attention of your potential clients to your business. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the best activities are those that have the lowest entrance barriers and requirements. It means that a giveaway that presupposes just leaving a comment and tagging a friend will attract much more participants than a contest in which participants should write their own poems.
  7. Establish cooperation with bloggers and opinion leaders. When you see your favorite blogger using some products, it’s highly possible that you will follow the link left in the post to find out more details about this product. Moreover, working with opinion leaders on common contests and giveaways is an excellent idea to win new followers.
  8. Share customer reviews
  9. Take care of the quality of your visual content. Images, videos and other kinds of this type of content are even more important than the text that you write for your post. It doesn’t mean that nobody reads the information provided. Today a lot of internet users are ready to read long posts if they are useful but still when a person sees a post the first thing he or she pays attention to is visual content.
  10. Share customer reviews & testimonials. Your existing and potential clients should know what other people think about your product and how they use it. And social media platforms is just an appropriate place to do it.
  11. Advertise your pages in order to get wider coverage. You should make your products seen by your target audience. Using social media advertising tools you get an opportunity to boost your reach and to increase the number of views as well as a number of followers, likes and comments.

Though these 10 tips are considered to be universal ones, don’t forget that there are some specific things that are relevant for this or that social media. For example, it doesn’t sound very sensible to post just the same content on LinkedIn and Instagram. Just do not ignore the specificity of users’ interest and demands.

I’ve enumerated only a small part of all the existing ways of using social media platforms as a tool of promotion for your business.

In reality, the whole range of various opportunities is limited only by your imagination. Today’s internet users are not afraid of everything new which means that you can try out different ideas in order to find the most effective ones.

Stay open to your audience, stay honest and stay creative and you will see that your clients will pay you back.

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