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You probably can take a guess that we won’t talk about hashish or meet dishes today. Though it would be interesting as well, so maybe next time. This article is devoted to hashtag generator and the whole nine yards.

Let me speak in a roundabout way. Social Media has won our hearts like a young Spartan. We spend a huge part of our lives surfing on the Internet. Every day millions of new users try the Internet and Social Media for the first time in their lives. It means that every second 11 new users join the Community of Social Media fans. Of course, they search for new information, news and newspaper articles there (sarcasm), most of them will use it just for one thing: communication. And what is the best place for that? No doubt, Social Media Networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Linkedin, WeChat, the list goes on and on.

But communication is not the only reason for using Social Media platforms, people promote themselves, their lifestyles and their products out of here. They use all possible means for that, as they say, all is fair in love and promotion. And using a hashtag generator plays a far from negligible role here.

Let’s go deep in history!

The hashtag (or “#”) has been popular on the Internet for many years now. Moreover, a hashtag was declared “children’s word of the year” by the Oxford University Press in 2015.
The invention of the popular symbol is attributed to Twitter, but it is far from the truth since this social platform only contributed to its spread. In fact, the hashtag was created in the late 80s and initially served as a tool for classifying data in Internet Relay Chat, better known as “IRC”.

The comeback of a hashtag took place in August 2007, when designer Chris Messina asked his Twitter followers what they thought about this sign. From this point on, the career of the “pound sign” began to gain momentum, along with the @ symbol with help of which you can make hyperlinks to other accounts and profiles.

In 2009, Twitter introduced it into its network, and since 2010 it has begun to highlight trends and hot topics in the media. And while social networks take care about the uniqueness of their functionality, hashtags have gone beyond the Twitter platform. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube adopted it soon thereafter.

You already know what hashtag is, don’t you?

But for those newcomers, I shall explain. A hashtag is a word or a phrase with a # sign in front of it. It is used primarily on social media, but you can meet it on TV, in the metro advertisement and so on. This combination of a word and # automatically turns a word into a link. If you click on the hashtag link, a selection of all messages in which this hashtag is present (both yours and other people) will appear in front of your eyes. Or you can enter a particular hashtag in the searching box of a social network and you will see all possible and impossible posts and messages on this particular topic.

You can put your hashtags everywhere in the post/message: in the very beginning, in the middle or at the very end of it. There are no limits accept for your consciousness.

particular hashtag

How and when can you use it?

A hashtag groups posts and allows people to find the content they want faster. For instance, if you are looking for dance tutorials, you can search for the best publications using hashtags #music #hiphop #party #happy #dancing #dance #dance4life #dancefit.

Hashtags are mainly used in Instagram and Twitter, that is their habitat so to say. Of course, you may find hashtags on Facebook, but they do not play such a vital role there. But if we talk about Instagram, it is a different story, almost 90% of its content is hashtags( photos don’t count).

In Instagram, they are used by ordinary users, but most actively they are used by marketers, webmasters, and specialists in promoting a company’s brand, product, service, website, or something else on social networks. The reason is that it’s an effective way to draw the attention of the targeted audience.

As for Facebook and Twitter, hashtags here are used to finds some news on a particular topic. Most of the time it is connected with some events with a global reach and local arrangements as well.

Are there any limits for hashtags inserting?

Yes. You can put down up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. But only imagine this number, 30 hashtags! But it’s highly recommended to be conscious about applying all 30 hashtags under your post on Instagram, people might get you wrong. It’s too much, and if you meet this limit every time, probably it’s time to change something in your life.
On Twitter, you are limited by 180 characters, so it makes sense to use it rationally. One or two will be enough to mark the topic for discussion.

Hashtag Generator

What is a hashtag generator then?

With a blessing aim to grant you relief of this burden of creating hashtags, humanity contrived a novel device – Hashtag generator, which is able to cook up new hashtags in moments. It is a perfect solution for those who do not want to bother yourself with such little things, as we all know that little things amuse little minds.

There are a lot of different hashtags generators. Some of them offer hashtags just for Twitter, Others for Instagram and Facebook. Your task is to find the on of choice.

There are universal hashtags generators and the ones for a particular event or sphere: wedding hashtag generator, party hashtag generator, and even business hashtag generator.

How does it work?

Instagram Generator works as your personal creator of relevant hashtags suitable to your content. Breakthrough in science and technology provided us with the best hashtag generator that works according to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. That’s why they are capable to generate hashtags by a keyword, by a photo you want to tag or by its URL. After you click “start” or “generate hashtags” you will receive a list of Related Hashtags, Niche Hashtags, and Non-Niche Hashtags (some Hashtag generators do not offer the last list). Near every offered hashtag you will see the number of its mentionings, it means the popularity of each of them. All you have to do is just select needed one, copy and paste. There is one trick, about which I will tell you later.

Is it really useful?

It’s out of the question. Imagine you run your business on Instagram, you publish your posts every day. And every day you have to come up with relevant hashtags in order to attract new buyers. Is not that more reasonable to use an automated tool for those purposes? It will provide a search optimization for your accounts:

  • it facilitates the execution of such a hard task as a search. Now it has become much easier to find a picture needed, like-minded people, new partnerships and so on. You just need to use really relevant hashtags;
  • it unites both content topics and brands with their customers. You just need to come up with your own branded hashtags and track its usage across the Net;
  • it frees your time. Now it’s of no need to spend hours brainstorming.
business on Instagram

Is it rewarding for your business?

Of course, you can track what hashtags are your competitors and influencers of your industry using by yourself. In addition, you should make sure that all your hashtags mean exactly the same thing what you meant using it. In order to exempt yourself of daily thinking on proper hashtags, you can use an Instagram hashtag generator. Remember that for business the rules of choosing hashtags are much stricter. There are some of best business hashtags: #business, #entrepreneur, #motivation, #success, #marketing, #love (no, it’s not a mistake) #entrepreneurship, #inspiration, #lifestyle, #startup, #hustle, #fashion, #art, #goals, #fitness, #work, #smallbusiness, #branding, #digitalmarketing, #music, #businessowner #bhfyp, #businessman.

Tips on how to use hashtags right:

  1. Use only relevant hashtags. Do not use unsuitable ones like #follow #followfollow, #followforfollowback, #follow4like, #followforfollow, #followme or #likelike, #likeforlikes, #likeforlike, #likeforfollow, #like4like. They will make an impression of you as a person who just wants to gain as many followers as possible. It is not a desirable effect, isn’t it?
  2. Moreover, do not use such cliched hashtags as #instagood, #picoftheday #photooftheday, #cute, #photography, #instadaily, #happy, #instagram, #love, #selfie, #beautiful, #likelike, #likeforlikes, #likeforlike, #likeforfollow, #like4like, just because they are used so often that even if you post really good content it might be so that no one will see it cause it would be hidden among thousands other like-tagged photos.
  3. Use more related and niche hashtags, not so popular and not so rare at the same time. For instance, if you own your own bakery, use #cake, #pastry, #foodporn, #dessert, #cakedesign, #frenchbakery, #homebakery hashtags.
  4. Do not use too many of them. But if you decided to use a lot of hashtags ( I mean more than 5) it is better to put them at the very end of the post or separately in the first comment. that way you won’t be too annoying and it won’t be so obvious that you are trying to attract people’s attention no matter what.
  5. When you use 2-3 words as a hashtag, you need to write them correctly. Usually, they will describe it together – #lovefood or separately through a space # love_food. So, the first option is more popular across the world.
  6. The most effective way is to use hashtags in the native language of followers, because if you write in English only you run the risks to be among foreign profiles that you don’t aim to attract. But there are always exceptions, so also do not forget about the English tags.
  7. Based on the latest research data, people are annoyed by publications with #text, #shuffling #with #hashtags. Therefore, I strongly advise you not to misapply this.
  8. Many people mindlessly publish posts exclusively with advertising hashtags. That is why materials from one account or group with the same hashtags are less likely to be seen in the feed since they are recognized as advertising spam and are shown to the smallest number of followers. Therefore, be creative.
  9. By the way, you can follow hashtags on Instagram. Thus, once a post with this hashtag is published, you can see it in your feed. A marvelous option for bloggers and influencers.
great invention of humanity

Let’s summarize

A hashtag is a great invention of humanity. It is not only a means of certain content search optimization but an efficacious tool of promotion. With its help, you will manage to attract new supporters to your profile, new customers and new friends. A post with hashtags facilitates a greater effect made by a post and a greater engagement. Its regular usage will bring you:

  • navigation. Use hashtags that describe your activity and people will be able to find you. That’s why it’s important to use the simplest and most creative at the same time hashtags, just for convenience;
  • identification. If you create a branded hashtag, it will distinguish your company among millions of others. In addition, if a company held a certain event or party, using branded hashtag may help it to show who is the host and direct all traffic to one account. Moreover, you will be able to track the participants and the scale of an event;
  • attraction. Hashtags attract attention. You can describe your photo with the help of hashtags or you can use popular hashtags, but I have already warned you about its usage.

To simplify a problem for you a hashtag generator was created. It is a flawless automated tool which is able to produce new creative free hashtag suitable for every post. They are effective due to artificial intelligence usage, quite simple, cause all you need to do is to upload a photo or enter a keyword or URL and click a button.

Logical output: use hashtags, use it wisely, use the hashtag generator to ease your life!

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