How to increase Your sales? Increase your followers number first!

As all of You know, today not less than 60% of all business deal through Internet. And it doesn’t matter about what kind and amount of business we are talking about. If 10-15 years ago TV, radio and outside advertising were an obligatory part of promo campaign, today You have perfect possibilities of cost reduction due to use of the world wide web. If you will use a solution like for example Instagram following bot of the BigBangram team for promotion, You will be protected from the Instagram administration’s ban, with fast and effective followers number increase.

Social networks also are only a part of the Internet marketing strategy scope. The classic modern promotional process contains:
⦁ Well designed, usable and light web site:
⦁ Recommendations, articles and posts on the “trusted” resources:
⦁ Well promoted accounts in the social networks.

The idea is to link your account in the social network to Your web-site and transfer your followers and subscribers into the clients.

Let’s take a look on the social networks. For sure in each region there are some specific nets, and each of them will be the most popular, but what if we will go a little bit deeper in this point? You will define, that the most popular social networks in the world are Instagram and Facebook.

That’s why You have to concentrate all Your forces and possibilities on the excellent promotion of your accounts especially in these networks.

Today I want to speak about the promotion of account in the Instagram. What is difference of Instagram from all others networks? Right, the difference is in communication manner. Because users here exchange their interests, emotions and for sure services and goods with images and pictures. What does it mean? It means that for better and effective promotion You have to share outstanding visual content. I mean interesting and high qualified photos.

Also if we will take into account the very basic psychology, you will understand how does it work.

For example: You are selling milk. And You want to increase your sales, so you have to make your target audience larger. But how?

You should find a number of biggest sellers of milk in the net, which will match your sales geography and which have an enormous number of followers. Don’t forget, that if people follow the milk-company, they are interested in the product. If you will post “likes” and “comments” under their content, they will automatically be interested in You. They will take a look at Your account. And if you will share something really interesting and attractive, they will follow you. And finally they will come and purchase your products, if you will offer them a natural, healthy and tasty milk.

“But it takes so much time”, would you say. Yes, that’s right, and that’s the reason to use an intelligent and safe Instagram follow and unfollow bot. It’s possible due to mechanisms of imitation of a real human activity included into the bot’s program.

Good luck!


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