Guidelines to gain followers on Instagram

Specialists of the popular instagram bot shared their Tips & Tricks with us.

If you are one of those users who love photography, you probably already have an account created in one of the main websites focused on snapshots.

If there is one that stands out above all the others, this is Instagram.

With more than 800 million users and a frenzied growth, Instagram has become the social network of the image par excellence.

Its simplicity mixed with its visual power make it a really attractive network to have a good time sliding your timeline, without forgetting that it is one of the social networks with more engagement of today.

But of course, as in any good social network that boasts, you cannot enjoy 100% of it without having an active community, for this reason in today’s post I would like to explain in a few simple steps, how to gain followers on Instagram.

I’m going to show you how to fine-tune our account and not fall because of the most common mistakes that can be made that often prevent us from generating a powerful community.

The objective of this post is to develop an effective mini strategy by steps, to be able to gain followers in Instagram of quality without much effort and in a relatively fast way, and when I speak of quality, I mean that followers are really interested in your visual theme.

Following this pattern, I managed to multiply the number of my followers by 10 times

Let us begin!

1 # Optimize our profile
This is the foundation stone not only of Instagram but of any social network. Without a properly completed profile, we are destined with a high probability of failure, and we don’t want this. Before starting any action we must have a sufficiently attractive profile to get the attention of our possible follower.

It is easy!

1.1 # Profile picture
First, you must put a profile picture that defines you perfectly, clearly and with good framing. If the profile picture is no longer good in the case of a visual social network, what confidence do we give to our possible follower?

It would be a bad start if you intend to get quality followers.

1.2 # Description
It is important to put a brief description that explains who you are or what you like to do. In many cases, it is also convenient to put the subject you treat in your account. Help yourself to the emoticons to create a very attractive description, on Instagram the emoticons and the #hashtags you will see that they are the kings of the party.

1.3 # Link to your website
Do not forget this point because Instagram gives you the possibility to put a link that directs to where you want. Even if you do not have a blog or website, take advantage of the address of another network such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way, we facilitate the ability to cross followers between different networks and gain new followers in them.

2 # Respect the ratio of followers
Our account must respect this ratio, although it is a factor that should not be taken into account to influence the decision to follow.

What are we going to do … An account that follows 2000 users and only 120 people follow it… What kind of impression does it give you? Well, not very good, right? Well, this impression is what most users feel when they see such profile. This means that however good your pictures or videos are, do not hit the follow button. This is life friends …

To solve this ‘problem’, we must respect a ratio 1/1, that is: have the same followers that followed, if we get more followers than users we follow then we can shoot rockets and start a party.

Well, it seems that our profile is already taking shape in the battle …

3 # Define a theme
If you really want to succeed in this social network, I recommend you to focus on the main theme and then address some sub-theme. In my case, I have established the main theme that is ‘nature’, and then a secondary according to the first, as they can be ‘animals’. But the more you focus on a topic, the more interest your account will arouse because you will specialize in something very specific and on Instagram this is usually liked. Choose those themes that you like, or choose one of the most popular and fit your pictures in them.

Animals, nature, landscapes, cars, urban style …

Which one do you prefer?

4 # Create a cool gallery
Yes, after the profile is ready, now we are at the point that follows because of importance. Before you go further, you need a quality gallery.

A lot of quality!

It is a very common mistake to start hanging photos without quality, blurred, poorly focused, poorly framed or with exaggerated filters.

All this throws back anyway.

You need a gallery with a well worked and elaborated photos so that when the users visit you, they say: Wow, I want to follow this account now! Before starting to move you need to have a minimum of 30 or 40 photos because I assure you that Instagram users like to look at the entire profile from top to bottom before giving a follow. If you see a nice gallery, you already have half a job done.

5 # Add descriptions to photos
Do not forget to always add a small comment that accompanies the photo. Although it is a network focused on pictures, a comment help to situate the context of the photo and apart is an excellent way to generate engagement in the publication. Instagram users love participating in publications. It is not uncommon to see photographs that have more comments than likes. Do not underestimate the comments because it really is a very important part of this social network.

6 # Use #hashtags in your photos
Twitter and Instagram compete for Mr. #Hashtag, but if I had to keep one, it would be Instagram. The power that the hashtag acquires here is really spectacular. It gives you tremendous visibility. For this reason, I recommend you use them. I always recommend using an average of 10 hashtags per post. As you expand your community you can give yourself the luxury of doing without some of them. Particularly I always use hashtags, because I think it’s a good way to amplify your range and classify your snapshots.

7 # Beware of editing
I have tried with many formats, colors, filters, etc. And the truth is that at least I play a photo, the better result I get. The more natural your photo is, the more value it will have. Many times I go through my timeline mega-saturated with photos or with impossible filters (and that is the truth), in most cases, they give only the opposite effect. Try to touch up as little as possible, you will see that the results are much better. Instagram’s own editing tool has improved a lot in a short time and they do not stop adding new features, so for an average user it may be enough, but if you are a very demanding user, you may need more powerful editing tools.

8 # Watch your publication frequency
Another mistake is too common…

I had to stop following users because they flooded my timeline with dozens of daily photos. It is good and it is necessary to maintain a good rhythm of publications but you should not abuse because however good your photos are, you will surely win an unfollow of the good ones. I recommend posting a maximum of 2 photos a day, for me the best is 1.

They say that: ‘less is more’, and I assure you that it is.

Last words to gain followers on Instagram
As you have seen, it is easy to gain followers on Instagram of quality without falling into unethical procedures. You just have to keep in mind some important points like those treated in the post and let time go by doing its job. The strategy shown is not for a single day, but for an indefinite time. You can go working your account until you have a community that you believe enough. Also you can automate all your actions in instagram using one of the popular instagram bot. I think the essence of social networks is in trying to connect with people with same interests and to be able to establish relationships. As I usually say, we cannot be sitting waiting for them to follow us. We must move and work to achieve our goals.

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